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Electrostatic Cleaning

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July 23, 2022

Sanitization Services in Kansas City | Electrostatic Cleaning

Electrostatic Cleaning is the fastest and safest way to sanitize your facility. Our system removes odors and dangerous viruses, so you can feel safe and comfortable in your space.

What Is Electrostatic Cleaning?

Our Electrostatic Cleaning System is the safest, fastest way to treat every touch point in your facility, eliminate odors and improve your bottom line. Today’s dramatic increase in infections and dangerous germ transmission has forced companies and institutions to re-evaluate the state of cleanliness of their facilities. We provide antimicrobial solutions to meet the surface sanitizing objectives by giving the best possible service at an affordable fee while achieving the highest surface pathogen safety standards.

Our advanced electrostatic disinfection equipment allows proactive business owners, facility managers, and decision-makers to stay ahead of debilitating germs and their malodors.

We use the latest generation sprayer. EDS is the most advanced chemical delivery system on the planet. It utilizes induction-charged technology to produce tiny electrically charged droplets that reach further and penetrate deeper, allowing you to achieve 100% of your surfaces, including hidden areas and sensitive equipment, to protect you and your customers from the spread of infectious diseases.

Outdated cleaning methods and harsh chemicals can be inadequate at reaching and killing bacterial or viral agents that hide and multiply in hard-to-reach places. This technology has also proven highly effective for odor elimination, pest control, and enhanced mold remediation techniques.

How Does Our Electrostatic Directional Sprayer Work?

  • The chemical is applied to the substrate in a consistent manner allowing for 100% uniform coverage
  • Negatively charged droplets seek out a neutral surface, compete for space, and do not overlap
  • Reaches into cracks and crevices — safe on sensitive equipment and treats areas untouched by traditional methodologies
  • Leaves NO Lingering aerosols

What Can We Clean?

This advanced electrostatic technology continues to push the innovation envelope to guarantee our clients the safest, quickest, and most cost-effective way to disinfect and protect large areas, in less time, without the threat of cross-contamination. Our delivery system is based upon advanced induction charging which produces small electrically charged droplets that seek out and actually “wrap around” germ-infested areas - reaching and killing pathogens at their very source. Independent lab tests confirm our equipment provides 100% coverage - killing pathogens in areas where traditional methodologies simply cannot reach.

With our Electrostatic Disinfecting System, we are able to use our no-touch applicator that eliminates cross-contamination for some of the following conditions:

  • H1N1
  • Norovirus
  • Influenza
  • E. coli
  • MRSA
  • Many other infectious diseases and viruses
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